acrylic painter

Trying to describe why I paint is like trying to describe why one is drawn to the sunrise. Perhaps one delights in the magnificence of color, perhaps the contrast of dark and light, but more likely one is drawn to the sunrise because it stirs something in your soul. This is why I paint. Painting moves something in me and helps me express feelings that don’t have words; this exercise helps me better understand myself and my place in the world. The inspiration for my work comes as a direct result of the act of making. I approach a blank canvas with an open mind, allowing the work to emerge organically. I articulate the visceral through motion—tilting, turning, and spinning the canvas. I feel a direct connection to the paint, how it moves, and how color plays on the canvas. Swirling colors create a sense of suspended liquid motion and otherworldly atmospheres. My work has a bold, graphic quality and utilizes a palette of bright colors. The large size of my work allows the viewer to enter into an immersive, sensory experience. I view my paintings as a sort of dance, they have a physicality, an expressiveness—an ebb and flow of movement, time, and color.

© 2016 Audra Keefe