mixed media

My artwork comes from deep within and I hope it speaks to a deep place in you. The practice of drawing anchors me. What I feel and think is expressed through shape and line. Painting or using color in any media deepens the conversation. Color is emotional and although drawing can also elicit emotions, color is more direct. It can be subtle, dark, funny, mad or exciting. Painting is both pure joy and painful reckoning. Abstract painting is nonverbal conversation without the seeming structure of reality. I discover the structure, the flow, the breath of each piece as I work. I paint organically, automatically and emotionally. I watch the canvas as forms emerge, disappear and transform into story. The well-known artists who have influenced me deeply are Arshile Gorky, Van-Gogh and Eva Hesse. They each had an ability to speak clearly and authentically through their work. That to me is the essence of art.

© 2016 Martha Chason-Sokol