oil painter

Sidhartha’s paintings are usually improvisations of photographs of scenes that catch his attention while driving, walking or biking. He then mounts a blank canvas on his easel and spends hours imagining how the finished product will look. In his mind he plays with the colors, the subject and his perception until he has a rough mental picture to work with. As he starts working on the canvas, he constantly modifies the colors, adds and deletes, and plays with the shadows until he has a product he is satisfied with―something that typically has a contemporary yet impressionistic flavor. His paintings have heavy brush strokes and interesting texture. He has played with texture in his paintings using the palette knife, the instrument that so captured his soul since he started painting. He applies thick coats of paint onto the canvas , takes photographs and sits back and analyzes the images, and then returns to the canvas. Tension dissipates as he moves from the top to the bottom of the canvas with swift strokes of the knife and brush.

© 2016 Sidhartha Pani